Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Thoughts on Physics & Happiness

One of the things that help me bare my ups and downs is sensing that I am a
tiny part of the Globe.. Looking at my Digital Globe on my MacBook dashboard
and watching it moving.. Inspires that hope inside me..
Noticing the light and dark areas as the globe circles around it self ..
Sensing that nothing really lasts..

As humans we create our heaven and hell on earth, Blaming our environment
for not being "the ideal one for us", as if we will ever find this ideal
Although we seek happiness from our surroundings, things we do, people we
meet, or places we visit, the truth is that happiness is with in..
A classic quote that has been repeated over and over agin by philosophers
and self development trainers.
The challenge is which part of our insides hold the key to our happiness!!
I keep on having these long "happiness discussion" with a friend..
One of my latest conclusions that I came up with was the fallowing formula:
Happiness = a holistic view of our life, we reach it through seeking it. So
if we are not working towards it we might not know that it exists. One might
think that by reaching a certain age, happiness will become a definite
reached goal!!
What I believe is that "self' lives a pattern all through it's life.. so if
Self is a seeker, Self will always be a seeker.
I once heard a TED talk that defined true happiness as "Synthetic
Happiness" or as I have defined it, "Redah".
As Muslims, we get criticized if we are not able to reach the state of
"Redah", accepting Ones life the way God has planned it for us. And when
people gather and start complaining about something in their life they start
by saying, I am not complaining, no Al humdulleallah for everything, BUT...
I think the mentioned "synthetic happiness" reflects the state where we
human force ourselves to reach acceptance, wether that was consciously or
subconsciously, reflecting our hope for stability. And I think there is a
fine line between redah and between wanting more or better as a way of
seeking stability.
However, this is a holistic view as I have said, one needs some practical
techniques that can be applied in everyday life situations..
As searching for clear deep meaning of stability my mind floated away to my
high school physics classes.
I never loved physics because I never deeply understood it. For me it was an
application that I can NOT and will NOT use in my life..
I remember telling my self at the end of each physics class, Who Cares About
this "Dam BALL!!
At this age and by my own will, I am connecting physics to happiness.
Physics might turn up to be a useful application after all, it might help
me to make sense of my ups and downs.
In physics, energy help us to understand "how and why things behave the way
they do".
Very important physics rules one should keep in mind while discussing
There is potential or stored energy in all objects.
There is no set direction to energy, there for, there are two forms of
energy; potential or stored energy and kinetic or motion energy.
Applying force to an object changes the form of it's potential energy in to
kinetic energy. This motion energy must be used to do work or accelerate an
object, otherwise it will be mis directed and turn in to waist energy which
might harm the object.
Keeping this in mind, let's discuss inner stability as a form of happeniss.
I would say that inner stability is the ability to balance the internal
"SCALE". This balance between what we want.. Our dreams and wishes, and what
we are living in.. Reality, and, the time and force needed to move from
reality to dream and wish accomplishment.. It's simply physics..
If you are able to balance that potential energy inside you and direct it
with the right speed and force then you have reached this inner balance...
Maybe happiness..
One can still be blessed with all Gods' givings and feel deep "Redah" till
an external energy or force knocks the doors of this inner scale. When our
potential energy get stimulated and does not find a clear form to shape in
to, then one feels that he had reached his limits, and this negative reform
of his potential energy gives him the courage to say, Sorry, But I am not
I would say that this is very similar to what happens when nuclear energy is
not used properly.
On the other hand, if this potential energy was stimulated and directed with
the right speed and force, this is what we Muslims call "e3mar Alard",
developing our earth.
Because Humans are like all other objects.. Energy might help them
understand why and how they behave. As humans, As long as our mental,
psychological, physical and emotional energy is not puzzled, and we know
what to do with them, then we might be on the road of happiness..

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