Thursday, August 12, 2010

How I saw Jeddah's' 2009 Crisis!!!

Do you know why Jeddah's' rain crisis happened to the poor areas!! I can't stop thinking about that..!! It's like we are living in two separate countries not in one city with half an hour apart..

I am surprised in a puzzled way.. Jabaroot Allah.. how the rain can cause floods in one area ,and just a couple of minutes away, the sky is so clear you would think people are lying..

God's will .. so scary I can't raise my head.. can't stop wondered why..

If this rain was a punishment .. I would ask..It is the rich who are making all the corruption.. then why the poor to suffer??

Because God love his sinners.. with all our sins.. he is ra7eem..

Because if the rich are the ones who had faced that crises.. who had lost their memories.. homes ..and loved ones.. What would've the poor done??.. They are poor.. Hopeless in a country like this, or any other country..

I think, God had allowed this crises to hit Jeddah, the spoiled part of the Kingdom, to give us a chance to prove to ourselves that there is still hope.. Maybe this generation had proved absolute corruption.. but, may be the next generation!! May be, will be different.. May be, things will be better!!

What I saw today gave me hop after I have lost it..

Coming back from Singapore and finding Jeddah in this astonishing .. unbelievable situation.. not drowning in rain water but in years of corruption, dishonesty and a lot more.. for a couple of days I lost hope.. literally.. lost hope

There were no visual leaders today when I went to Alharthi Center, when people asked who is the leader!! Wanting someone to lead them, to tell them what to do and where to go.. they couldn't find one.. I saw a youth human machines lead by humanity.. by empathy..

Sadly, in a country where men are the "masters", there were no visual men leading the operation.. PLEAS..


when I was in Singapore, people used to ask me about Saudi women, I used to tell them that although we might not have a lot of female leaders, the ones that we have are good, because they have to prove themselves in a society where woman are second class citizens..

When I asked to meet a leading “grown-up”, who was there from the first day, I was introduced to… YES..A WOMAN.. in a man dominant society..!!! How ironic..!!

I am not sure should I be proud or angry!!

I saw cool boys with stylish hair styles and young girls with branded hand bags carrying boxes and sorting blankets, kitchen tools, and food supplies.

If it was the rich who faced this crisis, what would have the poor done to save them!!

I owe these young shababs, boys and girls, an honest word..THANK YOU for giving me hope at a time where I have lost it.. I lost it at the airport, hearing about the "death because of rain"..!!!

For the first time, since I have recognized that I am a "female" in this society, I have felt that I was proud to be one, because today I believe that woman are the ones who are going to change this country.. "maybe only today"..!!!

A new strategy that I am trying to apply to my life, is to imagine that I am in another region.. and ask myself: Solafa, if you were in another one, what would you do?

I am afraid that I will get stuck in this "life standard".. and not notice that, and think that this is how all people live.. !!!

I think this is what will keep me going..

If I live by the standards that this society sets, I will stay home.. and pretend …

“I DO NOT exist.. “

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