Friday, July 30, 2010

My Personal History Book

Dear All,

The fallowing link is an interview with my father, he asked my mother and me a couple of days ago whither he should go through with it or not, since his experience with the international media was very negative the last couple of years.

I encouraged him to do so, its about time people new the real story, and from his side. Media is a double side weapon, and it’s about time he uses this weapon..

For those of you who were and are not interested in this history, this interview might be mean-less. For me, and my family, this history was part of what created us as human.

A number of things that makes me really admire this person, my father,

His endless ability to give for the sake of this nation, his thirst for development and learning.

When he was in his 20es he started his masters in the US, then changed his mind and came back. Now after all these years, he received his PhD last year in Psychology and Giftedness through the American University in London, and he is in his 60es now.

He has always been a role model for me, and my sisters, he taught us true meanings of leadership, endless giving, the importance of learning as a tool to change and develop nations. He has always encouraged us to be creative, open minded and accept differences, and that working is not about "me" as an individual, no, its about what I can give and leave to others after my death..

He is the one who always tells me, nothing is impossible, and there is no one rule to everything... and every one..

God bless my father..

Thank you for allowing me to share..

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Story with Earth Hour

The 60 minutes when we turned off our energy.. the 60 minutes when we tried saving our earth..

Its 8: 25, I am trying to get the kids settled in bed, I told them that the energy will be off so we need to be all set and ready, I have a candle in each room, I told the house servants and driver about the energy being off.. and waiting for something to happen!!!

8:30 nothing happened, so I decided to lead, I asked everyone to turn everything off..

My 14 years-old daughter understood what was going on.. she knew exactly what I was talking about.. my second panicked and she kept saying she was scared.. my third freaked out because she needs the sound of the AC to help her to sleep.. and my little boy kept running around us watching how everyone is reacting and excited about the candle in his room.. The driver complained: why no light!!! no light!! no light!!!!" The house servants obeyed without asking..

15 minutes later…The most beautiful thing... was the silence that that was all around the house.. so peaceful.. I discovered what we were really missing!!! I discovered why we shout and scream and complain all day, we live in an irritated environment.. all that noise and energy around us..

The truth is.. by harming the earth we have harmed our souls..

That's why we don't know what serenity is!! What ta2ammul is.. our souls are so tortured .. we are addicted to energy..

In the silence of all that.. my mobile rings.. but I decide to ignore it..

This amazing silence forced us subconsciously to talk in low voices.. the kids kept coming back and forth out of their beds .. can you believe it, they can't sleep because of the silence.. What did we do to our selves !!!

At that moment I decided that I was going to start a new trend in my home.. It will start by one day a month when we will turn everything off, not just to save the earth, but to also save our souls and senses..

This silence is amazing .. so peaceful..

I remembered "Flawna" The Robinsons cruse family cartoon, and how as a child I used to dream of living on an island, a simple life where I can sense everything around me..

I feel so sheer.. so light.. I feel that I hold control of all of me ..of my thoughts.. sense and soul..

I feel that I am actually praying to God.. that I have become closer..

My house was the only dark house on the block. I forbidden myself from using my computer or my mobile.. and I did the two things I enjoy the most.. reading and writing..

I thought that more people would contribute.. I took it seriously and felt responsible!!!

It's amazing how I can actually hear the sound of the pencil writing on the paper.. how much do we miss that!! My daughter who is laying in bed next to me, notices the sound too, so she raises her head, complaining about it..

If people just know the value of this silence, they would pay for it.. I look at the clock, 6 more minutes and all this peace will fade away, and we are back to reality!! And I feel so sad..

Sometimes my daughters complain when they talk to me and I don't answer them.. now I know that I was not ignoring them, I was just seeking the silence inside me..