Friday, July 30, 2010

My Personal History Book

Dear All,

The fallowing link is an interview with my father, he asked my mother and me a couple of days ago whither he should go through with it or not, since his experience with the international media was very negative the last couple of years.

I encouraged him to do so, its about time people new the real story, and from his side. Media is a double side weapon, and it’s about time he uses this weapon..

For those of you who were and are not interested in this history, this interview might be mean-less. For me, and my family, this history was part of what created us as human.

A number of things that makes me really admire this person, my father,

His endless ability to give for the sake of this nation, his thirst for development and learning.

When he was in his 20es he started his masters in the US, then changed his mind and came back. Now after all these years, he received his PhD last year in Psychology and Giftedness through the American University in London, and he is in his 60es now.

He has always been a role model for me, and my sisters, he taught us true meanings of leadership, endless giving, the importance of learning as a tool to change and develop nations. He has always encouraged us to be creative, open minded and accept differences, and that working is not about "me" as an individual, no, its about what I can give and leave to others after my death..

He is the one who always tells me, nothing is impossible, and there is no one rule to everything... and every one..

God bless my father..

Thank you for allowing me to share..

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