Saturday, May 26, 2012

Achieving With Bravery

Thirteen years ago I wrote my first life mission.. and I dreamed.. I dreamed a lot..  and I dreamed big..
TED Global 2010
I was pregnant with my second child, and my kids were, and are still, my priority.. they taught me that “Investing in Humans is the most rewording.. Its how we can change the world.. NO, really WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD!!”                   I still dream,, and I encourage my little ones to dream too, for this is the first step towards accomplishment. Three summers ago I attended TED Global in Oxford.. and I went back home believing that I have something to share with the world about woman who are similar to me, or even better than me, in my beloved country.. KSA..                                                                                                        I haven’t reached that yet, but I’m on the way.. One day “by God’s will” I WILL..

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