Thursday, December 1, 2011

Freedom is the Choice of a New Life

Friday, 15th of July, 2010 Oxford, on the last day of TED, Just around sunset I told my friend: "I want to do something WILD".
"What kind of thing? Go to a bar?"
"NOOOO" I said.. "I have this energy!! Don't know what I want!! I just have this feeling of wanting "TO GO WILD"
Well I didn't go wild on that trip.. Because I didn't know what my wild things were!!!
At a time when I thought I had "ME" all figured out, there was still a part of "ME" that I haven't discovered yet..
So I decided to start a list of "Wild things to do.."
I turned on my iPad and started thinking... Mmmmm.. Maybe thinking is not the right way to do it..!!
"OK" I told my self, "I'll just start the note page and then I can add to it.."
And I did..
Thursday, 2nd of November, the Fall of 2011, Spain, Barcelona..
"Congrats" he said, "You just started a new life"..
We celebrarted our new life by eating toasted cheese sandwiches on "air balloon" flame, YES, AIR-BALLOON, and a cup of orange juice.
That sandwich was one of two whom I"ll never forget.
The first was a Hallomee that I ate during a walk in the forests of Cyprus. And the second, is this; on a hill-top just a couple of hours away from Barcelona.
"Celebrating a New Life" that was the tradition after being in an air-balloon for more than an hour.
My day started at 5:30 am. I left the hotel with the kids; it was so dark the concierge thought we were leaving to the airport. He said: "Signora! Do you need someone to pick up your luggage?? When I asked him for a five passenger Taxi at that time. I replied surprisingly: "NO!! There are no luggage!!"
And just before getting in to the Taxi he said again: "Excuse me singnora, but you need to check-out first!!". So then I understood and replied with a smile on my face: " I am not leaving the hotel yet, we are just leaving for a day trip!!".
The taxi dropped us off in front of Hard Rock Cafe just across La Rambla St., where the trip gathering was expected.
Still dark, with no signs of the new day, my kids kept asking with sleepy eyes and yawning voices.. "Mommmyyyy!!! Are you sure we are in the RIGHT place and RIGHT time?? This is a very weird trip!! It is still night!!
A couple of nimutes lated the real excitment started..
After an hour and a half in a safari jeep, with the kids staked in the back seat facing each other "half asleep", and me sitting next to a couple from "Israel" "Palestine"!! we stopped at a small coffee shop for some energy boosters. The kids had tea, and I had an espresso to waken-up. We took-off to our take-off area: a hill on the Spanish French boarder, and saw the birth of an "Air-balloon", yes a BIRTH..
It started with an original bamboo basket and a huge blue poach, and ended up with an amaizing traveling vehicle that kept us up in the air for ore than an hour. Something very similar to what was used in the famous classic novel "Around the World in 80 Days". 


We touched the fog, or tried touching it.. We waved "Hi" and "Bye" to all the earthlings we passed by or over. 
I sang "I believe I can fly" and I was flying..
I enjoyed the amazing bird-view scenery and remembered God in every and each second of that trip..
I wished you were there to witness me while crossing one of my "Wild things to do" off my list.
This might not seem SO WILD to a lot people, but the sense of physical and mental freedom is a pleasure that I will always seek.. renewing my life in each step towards that freedom..
"You are a free pearson as long as you can dream"


  1. My WILD dream
    Is go skydiving. One day inshallah. I planed for it already but Rabana ma arad les3.
    But FOR sure ill do this balloon thing marrrrrra at7amast.
    I'll look for it now in München in do it in may or jun inshallah

  2. Freedom is what we want but isn't their someone that is holding you back...

  3. Freedom is magic of world without freedom what can we do ... Sure nothing

  4. Freedom is magic of world without freedom what can we do ... Sure nothing