Monday, February 14, 2011

Nefertiti, Mubarak, & Simply Me

My husband refused to watch "The Mubarak" speech last night!! Sometimes we are just fed up with reality!!!

A lesson that I am trying to learn from all this on the personal level,,

I have started thinking of this "Lesson" while reading Nefertiti's historic novel..

As leaders, decision makers, change agents, individuals with visions,, life goals,, give it the label you like.. we spend valuable time thinking, setting goals, then changing and upgrading these goals, wanting to make the best of our stay on earth in this life,,

These goals become the compass of our life, the motivator, what drives us to pull ourselves out of bed in the morning.. We connect them with our values and believes,, life decisions and so on..

On this trip of self accomplishment our scale of priorities get tested and challenged,,

Now both Mubarak, simply me or even Nefertiti, we have all been in this cycle, each one of us believes that he's doing THE RIGHT THING,,

Mubarak drew his life plan more than 30 years ago. A couple of weeks ago his nation announced that they can't handle his life dreams any more. Although damage started showing long time ago,, unfairness in setting his priorities reflecting as signs of extreme betrayal and corruption,, The Egyptian Nation was patient and amazingly baring all that,, and I always ask, why?! And How!?

I have set my life goals 12 years ago.

I have been challenged A LOT of times in setting my priorities, trying to juggle my life roles and duties but holding on to my life mission and dreams,,

The Lesson am trying to learn:

How far would a person go to accomplish his life aims?

What is ethical and unethical when it comes to ones vision and life dreams?

Do we refer to our personal values? Or, to the international norms and rules when we make life decisions!?

Who wins when personal values debate these international norms!?

How obsessed could we become?? The degree that we stop realizing that what we are doing and how we are doing it Might or even WILL affect the people we love and care about, our priorities. Now in my simple case it would be my family, friends and beloved ones,, in Mubarak case I would add his Nation!

Why when we reach this level of obsession we stop being realistic and we become unaware of this delusional success!!

Now if someone close came to us and told us that WE ARE OVER DOING IT, will we listen to him!? Why didn’t Nefertiti listen to her sister or father when they told her that "Black death" will invade her nation??

Did anyone advise Mubarak about the level of corruption that his ruling power was causing?

Will I listen to the advice of my beloved ones when they tell me to manage my scale of priorities?

What happened in Egypt is already part of history!! And history was made to learn from..

Friday, 11.2.2011 The Day Mubarak left the Egyptian "THRONE"..


  1. I think its ur term to decide ur goal ethiclly, nobody is aware of all how where or why?? but we are all responsible and has a rule in all of what happened..
    lovely Im soo like it

  2. Thanks Muna..
    As an EQ trainer I have learned, and through experience I have realized that our values.. ethics.. are connected to all what is around us.. And when someone is trully trying to leave a print in this world, those believes mean more :}