Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thoughts From my French Room

Being in Paris for a couple of days, I decided to take an hour and a half off. Bought the kids tickets for a movie and made sure they were enjoying their time..
I went to what I thought-off as the most interesting place in Pares, The Arc de Triomphe de l'Etoile, the world largest triumphal arch!
And not any spot around the arch, but where I needed to be at that moment..
On a marble stone bench, sitting next to people from various nationalities,, people speaking different languages,, French people, all talking at the same time, as if I was in a busy beehive... I was sitting on that bench with my iPad in my lap, writing my thoughts from Franc..
Under layers of two hundred years of history.. under the body remains of the unknown solder, the remains of World War 1 and 2...
Being topped by an eternal lit fire-flame that symbolizes the on going grief.. And surrounded by veterans celebrating the end of the World War..
Sensing all that made feel so... tiny..
I realized that sometimes this is how we "need to feel", that we are nothing compared to our surroundings.. This helps us to minimize the importance of our un-stability, and realize that there are more important events around us in this world than, "how We feel, or what We think".. I went from all that and started typing on the touch screen of my iPad..
These French people are really interesting,, Talking about character, identity, and stereotype!!
I have thought that "The romantic Franc" was just a myth, but discovered that it wasn't.. The French romance is a natural result of an interesting chemical combination. The combination of the soft crispy November weather, physical historical architecture, ignorant language "I love you with Pride", and the emotional liberal music and art.. You can sense romance vibes even if you are alone,,,
Being Different from other people, the French people self-esteem doesn't get slightly bothered if they don't understand you, it is "your" problem that you are using a language that they don't understand.. and when they talk to you in French, and you don't understand, they are surprised!!!
It surprised me that "eating cheese" doesn't show on the French people body frame,, I love cheese, but sadly, it disturbs me in all ways, so I guess I have to hold a French passport to be able to enjoy it..
Another thing, from my traveling experience I have learned that "If you PAY, you get SERVED". It is different in Franc. You pay and serve your self!! Seeing people walking in the streets I couldn't stop my self from asking!! From where do they get this energy?? I think it's an European thing!! And I also think, that we Arabs have spoiled our selves to the level that we have handicapped our natural abilities that make us independent creatures..
As a foreigner I had the anticipation that French people are not social, the truth is that they are social buzzing bumble bees when with their same species. They freely express their thoughts and feelings, and have the ability of continuios talking, all, and at the same time.
In addition to that, observing "Mohammad Faroqu", a French Pakistani, talking, I realized that the world was not fare to the French people when claimed that They are ignorant. It is the language and not the people. When Mohamad Faroqu used to speak with me in English with some simple Arabic words, he was so humble and friendly. But looking at his body language and voice tone while speaking French, although I could not understand what he was saying, he seemed ignorant!! So let's have mercy on the French, they are nice social accepting people after all, as long as they are not talking in their native language!!!
As reaching the end of that hour and a half I added a new blessing to my blessing list..
As moving to new phases in our life, And thinking that we have given our kids a lot,, small things come up.. New phases make us discover that there is still a lot more to give..
A blessing that I was surprised by was "parent's ability to offer happiness to their children through simple stuff"... We raise our kids for the future while guiding them through the rode of happiness and success. We feed their bodies to secure their health, educate and nurture their minds to prepare them for success, and guide their spirits to reach stability and serenity..
When, As parents, God has also blessed us with the ability of making their dreams come true,, taking them to places they have been wanting to visit,, playing and laughing with them,, Being around them so they can hold our hand as much as they want,, and allowing them the time to feel secured enough to share with us their secrets and dreams,, Taking them to our past to share a precious moment of the present,, reminding them that we were kids one day, and that's why we can bare their foolishness..
As for us, Having them around us to help us forget how serious life had become,, for us this is what we want in return..
During those fifteen days I wished if I can become a French woman just to be able to eat cheese and enjoy being "Loved with Pride". I also wished If happiness was a French piece of pastry, filled with cream and topped with sugar.. A pleasure that I can take a bite from whenever I wanted..
I turned off my iPad and went back to reality...

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